Teacher Is the lamp of life

INDONESIA: The teacher is the main key as the front guard for building sustainable human resources in order to achieve the light of life.

Since the old order changed to the new order, it has been passed on to teachers as unsung heroes, so it was at that time that the title of refraction took place literally unnoticed and not without reason, because the demands made by the state were to educate the nation’s life.

The recurring use of the term “unsung hero” is a form of excessive and unnecessary romanticism for a profession that should be given more appreciation and attention by this country.

Embedding as an unsung hero is still attached to this moment. then, creating paradigm spaces that are obsolete and converged so as to form the perception that educators are the spearhead of intelligence for a group of people who need knowledge.

It’s no longer a secret that teaching is a profession that lacks prestige in this country. Reflecting on the philosophy of the French State with its Revolutionary Motto; liberté, egalite, fraternité, which means freedom, equality, and brotherhood, while the American philosophy is only one, namely freedom to achieve what you want.

The point to be conveyed is that the State must have a mature philosophy to form human beings with character so that the hopes that are sparked together can be understood and implemented properly.

A wise man said, “Teachers are a source of knowledge, but it’s a pity that there is little appreciation by the state. Unsung heroes are just words of comfort for those who fight and sweeteners for those who seek validation.”

So what does the title “unsung hero” mean?

In fact, this title only creates a new stigma that the struggle of teachers does not need to be appreciated and the lack of appreciation for teachers is a common thing so that it is used as a classic excuse for the teaching profession as if it has no meaning in this country, even with Indonesian Migrant Workers losing the title of hero. foreign exchange; pity.

The question.
Aren’t teachers the womb of the nation?

Give birth to the generation needed by the country. However, the treatment that was obtained was not comparable and then saved the teacher from the many problems that occurred. Unlucky, as if this education problem is just a small problem that can be resolved later if the change of leader or minister.

That’s enough….
Even so, the teacher is a part of this life who is always there to give birth to a generation with character. The progress of a nation can be seen from teachers who find prosperity such as; Japan, Malaysia, Singapore and even Finland as developed countries have the highest level of intelligence in the world.

In fact, a great teacher is when he is able to awaken a dim soul. and not just teach the truth but exemplify the meaning of truth.
The thing to remember is the ethos of a teacher. The ethos of a teacher is conscious willingness to provide knowledge and good examples.

So, the highest peak of a teacher, when he is able to motivate someone with words and actions and not just understand with theory but inspire people to give birth to new ideas that are useful in the future.

By: Wardiman Sultan Madir

(Founder Of The Archipelago Discussion Forum) Negara Indonesia